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The Medici Collar by Dog-ma is part my Heraldry Collection. The Medici Collar features 3 semi precious stones of over 150 carats, ornate filigree banding of 2.75 inches and shown in a double buckle style collar .The center citrine stone is over 65 carats, the side green amethyst is approximately 60 carats and the smaller side stone is also a citrine.

The Medici Collar by Dog-ma is available in:

13-15″ 2″ wide 3 smaller stones

16-18″ 600. 2.5″ wide 3 stones

19-22″ 700. 2.5″ wide 4 stones

22-26″ 800 2.5″ wide 4 stones

The Medici Collar is shown in red leather but can come in British tan, brown or black in a double buckle style collar. I will provide photos of the gemstones there are to choose from. Each collar is unique and custom made to any size.
The Medici Collar by Dog-ma has enough jewels to satisfy any dog and owner.
The Medici Collar is modeled by Dumah Prince of Gehenna. His neck size is 18 inches.

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