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Dog-ma Collars
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309 S Alexander Ave
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Frequently asked questions

How long is delivery time?

Average production time is 2-3 weeks.
If I have the items in stock, it can be sooner If a gemstone has to be special ordered from India, please add and extra 3 weeks.
I will always let you know.

What happens if something comes off or breaks on my collar?

If its my work, I will fix it for you.
If you remove it, I can’t do anything about it.
If something does break, please send me the parts along with your collar for repair.
This policy is for 45 days.

What happens is my jewelry breaks?

I will send an extra elastic for elastic bracelets.
If something breaks within 30 days, please return the gemstones along with the parts and I will repair it for you.

What if I gave you the wrong measurements?

I’m very sorry there is nothing I can do. I will comfirm with you to make sure its the correct size.

What if my dog grows before my order arrives?

If you have a dog that’s still growing, please let me know. I will ask you for a final neck measurement then trim the leather accordingly.

Do you make fashion colors?

No, just the basic classic colors Black, Brown, British Tan, Burgundy and Red.

Can I cancel my order?

No, not for custom items. When your order is placed, the items are special ordered just for you.

Is my collar heavy?

Gemstones and bronze weigh more than plastic. Please let me know what breed of dog and the weight. If its too heavy for your dog, I’ll let you know.

What is my collar lined with?

I use a wool type shearling that is very comfortable for your dog.

Are there any other linings available?

Yes, I can use faux fur that begins at 15.00.

Can I have a real fur lining inside my collar?

Yes, fur is special order from Alaska plus shipping. Depending on what you want it starts at 100.00. I’m sorry but fur is in short supply. Even if you have a small collar, a whole pelt has to be ordered.

Can vintage fur be used ?

No, vintage fur is too dry. I do buy vintage furs to use and can not guarantee how long they will last.

What if I no longer have my dog by the time my collar arrives?

Unfortunately, I made the collar per your request and custom size. I am not able to take it back.

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