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The Clovis collar by Dog-ma features 70+ carats of opaque emeralds, an oversize opaque ruby of 50+ carats and assorted smaller emeralds,rubies and sapphires. Enough treasure to satisfy any barbarian.

The Clovis collar is 2.5 inches wide with 2 double buckles ,gold plated medallions that portray the Merovingian era and is lined in fox fur.

The Clovis Collar is made with the larger dog in mind. It is modeled by Dumah Prince of Gehenna who has a 18″ neck.

This collar is an antique reproduction style where the collar fastens with double buckles with both ends overlapping.

The gemstones are mounted on copper banding in an antique diadem pattern. The 70+ over sized emerald can be substituted for a ruby .

There are 2 major stones ruby and an emerald The emeralds vary in size but all are over 70 carats and are rectangular or square.

The Merovingian style medallions are gold plated antique reproductions .

The fur shown is fox but can be substituted for coyote

The Clovis Collar is available in the following sizes

Medium 14-16″ length

2″ width

Large 17-19″ length

2.5″ width

XL 20-22″

2.5″ width

XXL 23-26″

2.5″ width

Dog-ma Collars are lined in shearling

For a Medium size, please let me know what kind of dog  you  have because the Clovis Collar will be a smaller version.

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